Quiky~Ticky Theory of Operation



Tickets are placed into the counter through the chrome centerpiece.  A phototransistor senses the ticket and starts the motor.  The motor turns driving the geared wheel, which moves the flat black-geared belt.  The round green belt operates in unison where they wrap around the front rollers.  The ticket is pulled into and through the counter by the pressure exerted between the belts by the lever.   The string of tickets is pulled toward the reading optics.  The belts can be adjusted to properly grip the tickets so that just pulling can just break them.  Adjusting the belts properly will also optimize the lifespan.



As the tickets pass through the read optics, the bar code on the ticket is read.  An infrared (LED) Emitter is directly over the ticket.  A sensitive Detector is directly under the ticket aligned with the Emitter.  The light from the emitter passes through the paper but does not pass through the bar code.  The electronics senses the difference in the light pulses, determining the width and number of pulses.  These numbers are used to determine the validity of tickets.  Verified tickets are counted as “GOOD” while those with the unverified are counted as “????”.   Since the electronics read through the paper ticket it does not matter whether the bar code is facing up or down.   This process is covered in U. S. Patent # 6,732,926.   The read optics is adjustable to guarantee the tickets are read accurately.


After tickets are verified and counted, they are sliced so they can’t be used again. 

the pieces go into the bottom of the cabinet for later disposal.  There are optics mounted just below the counter mechanism, above the square cut out where the tickets fall that shuts down the counter when the discarded tickets pile up too high.


When the customer finishes counting the tickets a button on the front of the cabinet will actuate the  thermal printer and a receipt is printed.  To print internal reports the operator can press the report button inside the counter.  These buttons are also on the board along with a reset button, which will clear the number display.


The circuit board controls all of the functions in the counter.  The board has adjustments for optimizing the sensing of the read optics and for the volume of the sound tones.   The counter uses an ATX type PC computer power supply rated for 5 VDC at 15 amps and 12 VDC at 5.5 amps and is available at any major computer outlet or from Paper Ticket Experts.




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D2 = LAMP               /  Power for exterior light

D3 = A OUT               /  Not used

D4 = B OUT               /  Not used

D5 = RECEIPT          /  Lights when receipt is printed

D6 = REPORT           /  Lights when report is printed

D8 = START              /  Lights when a ticket is inserted into counter

D9 = MOTOR           /  Lights when motor is running

D10 = READ              /  Light blinks when code passes through read optics

D11 = TOTALIZER  /  Lights when electric counter is pulsed

D12 = PAPER OUT   /  Lights when printer paper is out


Power is an ATX Computer Power Supply, which has a 20-pin connector.  The large power resistor keeps the 5 VDC loaded down so that the electronics will supply 12 VDC.  The power supply will not turn on without this resistor.


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Ticket Entry Adjustment & Start Optics



The entry system consists of the limit plate, entry optics, gripping rollers and an adjustable lever.


LIMIT PLATE:  This metal plate is attached to the front entry unit with a short carriage bolt.  This plate is beveled on one edge and is set so that the tickets will pass through the slot but unwanted coins or metal objects are stopped.


ENTRY OPTICS:  The reflective optics positioned on the Limit Plate, sense the presence of a ticket in the slot.  The optics should be positioned 1/8 of an inch above the ticket for a proper reflective reading.  This optics turns on the drive motor, which move the tickets through the counter.


GRIPPING ROLLERS:  There are two rollers just within the ticket opening in the front entry plate.  A thin black timing belt runs around the bottom roller and a round green belt runs around the top roller.  The bottom roller is attached permanently to the counter housing and the top roller is moved up and down by an adjustable lever to adjust the grip on the tickets. 













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Ticket Travel & Guides





The travel mechanism, controlling the path the ticket takes through the reading optics consists of a flat black timing belt, the round green belt, front pressure roller, rear pressure roller, and the back rollers.


BLACK TIMING BELT:  This belt is flat on the outside and has teeth on the inside.  These teeth mesh with the drive system, which will be discussed later.  The teeth keep the belt from slipping, keeping the speed of the tickets constant.


ROUND GREEN BELT:  This belt keeps the tickets sandwiched so that they travel on top of the black timing belt through the mechanism.


REAR ROLLERS:  Both belts pass around rear rollers.  The purpose for these is to allow both belts to continue in their circular movement.  These rear rollers also hold the slicing blades and will be discussed later.




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Drive Motor and Timing Pulley:



The Drive mechanism consists of a 60 RPM, 12 VDC gear motor, 48 tooth timing gear and adjusting slots.


GEAR MOTOR: This is a very stable low voltage drive mechanism that turns the timing gear so that the tickets travel at an established speed.


TIMING GEAR: This is a black gear with 48 teeth. The black geared belt which carries the tickets through the mechanism, travel around the circumference of the timing gear. The wheel and belt have teeth so that very little pressure is needed to eliminate slippage.


TIGHTNESS OF BLACK GEARED BELT: The adjustment for the black belt is on the front and rear screws of the motor.  The tightness of the belt should only be enough so that the gears do not jump.  Too much tension will slow the motor RPM and effect the counting and might introduce more ticket errors.






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Pressure between Round & Geared Belt  




The material used for the Green Belt is a 4MM round belting.  This material is designed for minimal stretch and wear, although over long periods of running the pressure between the Black Geared Belt and the Green Belt will cause some stretch.   The Black Geared Belt has a fabric center that reduces the stretching.  The Green Belt has no fiber strands and will stretch with  pressure and time.   Having minimal pressure, just enough to break the tickets while pulling from the outside, will increase the life of these belts.  Too much pressure reduces the life of these belts. 


Pressure is applied through a lever.  This lever mounts to the main assembly with a Nylon Lock Nut.  Tighten the nut to maximum and loosen 1/8 turn.  This will allow the lever to move without wobble.  If you have removed the lever add light grease or oil to the surface before assembling.  The red knob tightening screw and it’s lock nut adjust the lever and the pressure between the belts.    While running tickets through the counter, tighten the screw with your fingers until the tickets break when held.  This will be the correct setting.  Set the adjustment with the nut on the screw, thus securing the lever.   


Over time this adjustment may need slight tightening because of belt wear or a crease in the Black Geared Belt.  Use the same method as described above.   The life of the Green Belting can be from two months to two years depending on the adjustment.  No matter how well you adjust the Green Belt it will need replacing at some time. 








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Slicing & Destruction of Tickets




The slicing blades are the unit at the rear of the counting mechanism.  The black and green belts drive the two circular blades.  These cutting blades are very sharp and care should be taken when working on this section.  There is an adjusting screw with a red knob.  Turn this screw to move the slicing blades so that they cut the ticket in half.  Secure the screw with the nut so that the blades stay in position.  The Top cutting wheel is pressed against the lower with a spring.  A washer on one end and a thrust bearing on the other allows the wheels to turn smoothly.  The shaft collar sets the pressure on the cutting blades and does not have to be very tight.


Once a month a drop of 3-in-1 oil is good for the cutting blades, the two bronze bushings within the two wheels and the thrust bearing.  Be careful not to get any oil on the belts.


The edges of the cutting blades should never need sharpening, as they are case hardened steel. 


Pressure between the blades is adjusted by moving the Shaft Collar.  The pressure

spring rides against a Thrust Bearing.  Spring should be tight enough to slice tickets.


Again, the cutting blade edges are VERY sharp!






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Read Optics & Adjustments  To adjust the optics put the leads of your voltmeter on the optic pins to the board.  The ground (black) lead should go to the black wire on the plug.  The positive lead (red) should go to the white wire on the plug.  Align the optics to that you get a reading:  


            NO PAPER                  .6

            PAPER                       1.8

            BLACK INK              4.8


Since the Schmidt Trigger reacts 2.5 volts you need a swing from less than two to more than three for the optics to work well.  Adjust the potentiometer (R15) by turning the small screw.  


To find the sweet spot run tickets through the counter and place your voltmeter with black on ground and the positive lead to TP4.  You will get a questionable count (low pitched sound) around 2.00 to 3.00.  Find the outer limits and adjust the Potentiometer in the middle, or 2.50


The bar code reads through the paper so it does not matter whether the tickets are code up or down.  The LED (Emitter) is on the top and the Detector is on the bottom.  Reading is better if the ticket passes close to the Detector.  The Detector should be aligned with the center of the bar code.


All tickets are counted.  “Good Tickets” are those that are validated as correct.  “?????” are those tickets that do not qualify as correct.  

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Receipt Printer:


RECEIPT PRINTER: This is a thermal printer and rests in a chrome dispenser. Threading the paper through the printer is simple.  Remove the printer from the holder and turn to “ON”.   Open the hinged cutter unit of the printer and move the gray lever to the open position.  Pass the thermal paper under metal post and place the edge under the rubber roller of the printer. The paper will automatically pass through the printer and come out under the aluminum pressure strip controlled by the gray lever.  Make sure that the paper is straight before locking the gray lever.

Pass the thermal paper through the slot in the cutter slot of the slicing unit.  With the paper outside of slot, close the cutter case.  Before placing the printer back into its dispenser, press the report button.  This will print and cut the report, verifying that the paper is correct and the cutter is working.  Place the printer into counter.


THERMAL PAPER: The Quiky~Ticky counter uses thermal paper 2 ¼ inches wide (58 mm).  This can be purchased from most office stores.  Paper Ticket Experts has the correct thermal paper in large rolls. 


The time, date, and other information on the receipt and report are supported by the Battery  (BAT1) and the Crystal  (Y2) on the Main Board.  Be careful not to short, disconnect or allow the battery to discharge or the memory will be lost.  The date can be reprogrammed by returning the board to Paper Ticket Experts.


“RESET”, “REPORT” and “RECEIPT” buttons are Located near the lower left corner of the board.  Pressing the “RESET” button will reset the count currently on the front L.E.D display.  The “RECEIPT” Button is used for printing the customer printout.  The “REPORT” button prints the tickets to date.  This will not reset the figures in memory.




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Trouble shooting guide


Ticket is placed into entry slot.   Motor does not start:

If LED #D8 is not lighted, then:

                        Check connectors on board and start optics

Check alignment of start optics with ticket

Replace Start Optic

If LED #D8 on board does light, then:

Check connectors on board and motor

Check Motor Transistor #Q8, if bad replace

Disconnect and check motor with 12 VDC


If there is no count on front display

LED #D10 on board blinks

             Check wiring and connectors

            If LED #D10 on board does Not blink:

Adjust Pot #R15 until reading (See Manual)

                        Check optic detector (See Manual)


If ticket does not slice

Check Green Belt for tightness (See Manual)

Check Spring tightness (See Manual)


There is No Sound:

                  Check wiring and connections

Adjust Pot #R14 on Main Board

Check Transistor #Q9 and replace if bad


Printer does not print

                  Paper Roll is too tight in holder causing drag.

                  Lever is not in the closed position causing slippage

                  Check wiring and connections to printer & #J6 on main board

                  Check for Thermal Paper

Turn paper over!  Thermal Paper only prints on one side.


If there are no lights and no movement in Counter

Check fuses

Check for 12 VDC at fuse

Check for 5 VDC at large gold power resistor

Check connectors

Repair or Replace Power Supply (See Manual)




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Retail Price List



Complete Ticket Counter Drive Mechanism                                   $699.99


Main Board Without Cables                                                 $349.99


New Processor Re-programmed    EXCHANGE                               $39.99


Thermal Printer with Cable                                                               $395.99


Thermal Paper (Case of 24 Rolls / 400 feet each)                           $119.99                      


ATX Power Supply 5 VDC at 15 amps / 12 VDC at 5.5 amps           $79.99


12 VDC Gear Motor                                                                           $99.99


Main Black Gear Drive Pulley                                                           $29.99


Black Flat Geared Belt                                                                     $11.99


Round Green Belt                                                                              $16.99


Read Optics   EXCHANGE   (Emitter, Detector & Cable)            $79.99           


Start Optics with Cable                                                                      $29.99


Slicing Unit Complete w/ 2 rollers & Knives                                    $99.99














Prices Subject to Change Without Notice


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