How to get Started ... And Finished !

The first thing is to design a very nice logo to represent your location on the front of the ticket. This can be printed in any color except black.

Decide what size ticket you want. Paper Ticket Experts, Inc offers 2.2" X 1 5/32" a 1.1" X 1 5/32" and 1.1" X 3/4". The cost will vary from less than $300 a million up depending on quantity, size, color and details.

Once you have the artwork your tickets can go into production. If you want a bar code this can be assigned at no cost. While your tickets are being printed we suggest that you inventory your locations for parts needed to convert. There are two parts to the conversion of most games.

1) The optical sensor of the ticket dispenser board must be brightened to penetrate the
paper ticket. This is done by changing the resistor driving the emitter.

2) The pulse should be inverted. When reading the old card tickets the pulse goes high
when the light passes through the hole. With paper tickets the pulse goes low when the
light does not pass through the opaque black square.

Paper Ticket Experts, Inc offers a new electronic board which does both of these functions.

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