A Few of Our Paper Ticket Users:

Tilt - Nickles & Dimes
Redondo Fun Factory ..... 3/4 Inch Tickets
Adventure Landing
Blackbeards ..... 3/4 Inch Tickets
Golf Land Family Center
Amazing Jakes
Mulligan's Family Center
Nickle Nickle Arcade
Wunderland Games
Oh Wow Nickle Ardcades ..... 3/4 Inch Tickets
Shakey's Pizza Riverside
Golf 'N Stuff
Ripley's Myrtle Beach
Graziano's Pizza
Stevi B's Pizza
Zao Island Family Center
Cinergy Cinemas
Graziano's Pizza

Some Popular Links:

AAMA (manufacturer/distributor association) http://www.coin-op.org
AMOA (national operator association) http://www.amoa.com
AMOA National Dart Assn. (promotion programs/tourneys for electronic darts) http://www.ndadarts.com
ASCAP (music licensing organization) http://www.ascap.com
Amusement Consultants (coin-op arcade/FEC consulting and planning) http://www.amusementconsultants.com
Amusement Entertainment Management LLC http://www.AmusementEntertainmentManagement.com
Amusementsoft (makers of the Tag 'N Play wireless debit card system) http://www.amusementsoft.com
AmuseNET (internet collection of companies ) http://www.amusenet.com
Apple Industries (manufacturer reps) http://www.appleindustries.net
Applied Resources (manufacturer of debit card cashless systems) http://www.ariusa.com
Astro Corp. (Taiwan-based manufacturer of gaming PCBs and slots) http://www.astrocorp.com.tw
Benchmark Games (manufacturer of redemption novelty games) http://www.benchmarkgames.com
Bend-A-Lite Flexible Neon (over 1,000 specialty lighting products) http://www.lightingexpressions.com
Betson Enterprises (distributor + importer/exporter with eleven branch offices) http://www.betson.com
Bob's Space Racers (redemption games and redemption centers) http://www.bobsspaceracers.com
Bones Knobby Balls (knobby balls, plush, novelties) http://www.bonespicturesandtoys.com
Bromley (manufacturer of redemption games) http://www.bromley-inc.com
Brunswick Billiards (manufacturer pool tables and supplies) http://www.brunswick-billiards.com
Cadillac Jack (manufacturer video card game-themed videos) http://www.cadillacjack.com
Caltron Industries, Inc. (industrial touch screen displays and digital signage public information applications) http://www.caltronind.com
Capcom (manufacturer coin-op kit and upright videos) http://www.capcom.com
Capital Vending (dollar bill update kits for Rowe, Ardac, National and Standard changers) http://www.capitalvending.com
CardLogix (manufacturers/developers advanced Smart Cards and Vault Cards) http://www.cardlogix.com
Chance Industries (amusement partk rides/carousels) http://www.rides.com
Channel M (youth marketing specialists providing closed-circuit/location-specific programming) http://www.channelm.com
CheapWristbands.com (stock Tyvek and plastic wristbands with fast custom priting services) http://www.cheapwristbands.com
Coast to Coast Entertainment (Toy Taxi, Hot Stuff, Jewelry for crane machines) http://www.coastentertainment.com
Coin Acceptors [Coinco] (makers of coin mechs, bill validators, control systems and vending machines) http://www.coinco.com
Coin Mechanisms (coin comparitors; coin mechs and accessories) http://www.coinmech.com
Coin-Op News (multilingual amusement trade journal)http://www.coin-opnews.eu
Coin Tech S.A. (debit card systems to control and audit FECs, amusement parks and arcades) http://www.coin-tech.com
Computer Game Developer's Assn. (association for game designers/developers) http://www.cgda.org
Computer Game Developer's Conference (site for news on conference happenings) http://www.cgdc.com
Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Assn. (sponsors of the CES show) http://www.cemacity.org
Consumer Electronics Show [CES] (huge showcase of the latest in consumer electronics) http://www.cemacity.org
Coulter Consulting Group (risk management services for the amusement industry) http://www.danieljames.com
Count-Money.com (currency counters and counterfeit detectors) http://www.count-money.com
Cromptons Leisure Machines Ltd. (Manufacturer of coin pushers & novelty games) http://www.cromptons.com
Cummins-Allison Corp. (coin and currency, counters, sorters, wrappers; paper shredders) http://www.cumminsallison.com
D & K Sales (a wide variety and large inventory of coin machine parts and supplies) http://www.d-ksales.com
Deltonic Labs (ticket-handling equipment for redemption and amusement games) http://www.deltroniclabs.com
Durfee Coin-Op (parts for jukeboxes, wall boxes, speakers, etc.) http://www.jukeparts.com
Dynamic Recording (specialty CD supplier; 24-track recording studio) http://www.dynrec.com
Dynamo (manufacturer pool, hockey, and Foosball) http://www.valley-dynamo.com
Elaut Amusement Games (cranes, novelty and redemption games and gaming equipment) http://www.elaut.com
Eldorado Games (flat rate board exchanges on classic video and pinball games) http://www.eldoradogames.com
Electronic Components Co. (Obsolete and hard-to-find components) http://www.webuyparts.com
Eletech Electronics (digital sound/music reproduction equipment -- off-the-shelf and custom-made) http://www.eletech.com
Enco Systems (source for the Philips CD Pro 2 industry-standard jukebox CD player) http://www.enco-group.com
Entertainment Resources Group (CD compilations for jukeboxes, DJs and nightclubs) http://www.ergmusic.com
Entropy USA (parts supplier and game manufacturer) http://www.entropyusa.com
Eurolink (coin-op penny- and quarter-pressing souvenir machines) http://www.eurolinkdesign.com
EuroSlot (European coin-op trade magazine) http://www.euroslot.com
Face Place (photo booths, digital/thermal printing process developed by Polaroid) http://www.faceplacephoto.com
Fan Shaing Electronics (video game monitors) http://www.neotecvision.com
Fat Cat DJ Supply www.fatcatdjsupply.2itB.com
Ferris Productions (PC arcade systems and virtual reality entertainment systems) http://www.ferrisVR.com
50th State Coin-Op (Hawaii distributor) http://www.gamegod.com
Randy Fromm (coin-op technical info/school + lots more) http://www.randyfromm.com
Fillmore, Inc. (firm based in Japan specializing in new and used PC boards and games) http://www.pic-internet.or.jp/~fillmore
Firestone Financial Corp. (source of equipment and inventory financing) http://www.firestonefinancial.com
Fun Center Software (entertainment center management software) http://www.funcentersoftware.com
Fun Express (offering all sorts of redemption, party and premium supplies) http://www.funexpress.com
Fun Expo (annual tradeshow for the family entertainment industry) www.funexpo.com
Funstation Associates (consultants to FEC and CEC operations) http://wwwfunstationusa.com
G-Star (Korean game industry tradeshow) http://www.gstar.or.kr
G-Tel Enterprises, Inc. (makers of coin-op pay phone products and parts) http://www.payphone.com
GVbid.com (auction site devoted to coin-op equipment and supplies) http://gvbid.com
Gamemax Corporation (bill acceptors; phone card vending machines) http://www.gamemaxusa.com
GameTechnician.com (website dedicated to the career placement, training and advancement) http://www.gametechnician.com
Games Trader (Randy Fromm's on-line "game swap meet") http://www.GamesTrader.com
Garner Holt (makers of animatronic figures) http://www.garnerholt.com
Raymond Geddes & Co. (custom pencils, pens, notebooks and accessories for redemption) http://www.raymondgeddes.com
Global VR (makers of arcade video and virtual reality games) http://www.globalvr.com
Good Stuff (maker of licensed products including stuffed toys, novelties & computer accessories) http://www.goodstuff.com
Hanaho Games (manufacturers of video and redemption games) http://www.hanaho.com
Happ Controls (national parts supplier) http://www.happcontrols.com
Harlekin, Inc. (PC-based tournament software for any type of game -- darts, bowling, pool, etc.) http://www.harlekin.com
Heads Up Technologies ("LaserTrek" lasertag concept for FECs, theme parks, LBEs...) http://www.heads-up.com
Hoffman Mint (makers of tokens and medallions including commemoratives) http://www.hoffmanmint.com
Holden Manufacturing (manufacturers of antique- and vintage-style amusement games) http://www.holdenmfg.com
Holoplex (Video cameras and gesture recognition software; holographic memory products) http://www.holoplex.com
Hotel WaterParks (makers of Hotel Waterslides) http://www.hotelwaterparks.com
IAAPA (association for amusement parks and other permanently-situated amusement facilities) http://www.iaapa.org
IALEI, International Association for the Leisure & Entertainment Industry (trade association) http://www.ialei.com
ICE (Bringing you the games more people play) http://www.icegame.com
IEE (Industrial Electronic Engineers, Inc.) (LED, LCD, vacuum fluorescent flat panel displays) http://www.ieeinc.com
Ideal Software Systems (software and hardware for coin-op companies; route management, etc.) http://idealss.com
Illinois Lock (mechanical security locks) http://illinoislock.com
Illusion, Inc. (networked interactive virtual reality attractions for LBEs) http://www.illusioninc.com
Imperial International (national parts supplier; makers of the "Premier" soccer table) http://www.imperialusa.com
Incredible Technologies (video games) http://www.itsgames.com
Intel's Open Arcade Architecture Forum (information regarding OAAF members) http://www.openarcade.com
InterGame Ltd. (publisher of InterGame, InterPark and InterGaming magazines) http://www.intergame.ltd.uk
International Laser Tag Assn. (trade association for the laser tag business) http://www.lasertag.org
International Theme Park Services, Inc. (product selection of amusement parks) http://www.interthemepark.com
Jaleco USA, Inc. (coin-op video and redemption games and stamp machines) http://www.jaleco.com
J.R. Minick & Associates (market research, economic planning, design, development) http://www.aimsintl.org/minick.htm
King Plush (plush supplier) http://www.kingplush.com
Konami (video games) http://www.konami.com/arcade
Korea Amusement, Inc. (Korean amusement game manufacturer and distributor) http://www.koreamuse.co.kr
Laserforce ("Laserforce" interactive team laser tag) http://www.kbg.com.au
Merchandise USA, Inc. (supplier of novelties, toys, plush, etc. specializing in closeout items) http://www.merchandiseusa.com
Merit Industries (makers of multi-game countertop videos and electronic dart machines) http://www.meritind.com
Merit Industries Scorpion Darts (site devoted exclusively to the firm's electronic dart games) http://www.Scorpiondarts.com
Mighty Power Electronic Co. Ltd. (switching power supplies) http://www.mighty-powersupply.com.tw
Millennium Games (remote-controlled boats, tanks, robots and trucks; interactive squirting remote boats) http://www.members.aol.com/Devuon29/index.htm
Miniature Golf Assn. of America (trade association) http://www.minigolf.com
Miniature Golf Assn. of U.S. (trade association) http://www.mgaus.org
NBGS (waterpark design -- site available in english, spanish and portugese) http://www.nbgsintl.com
NLBA (National Licensed Beverage Assn.) http://www.nlba.org
NSM America, Inc. (NSM phonographs and wallboxes) http://www.nsmmusicinc.com
Namco America (makers of video games and deluxe simulators; major arcade operators) http://www.namco.com
Nanco Cybertainment (Namco-owned chain of arcades) http://www.namcoarcade.com
Namco Europe (European HQ for Namco Ltd. of Japan) http://www.namco.co.uk
National Electronic Technologies, Inc. (VideoNET public-access internet terminals) http://www.natel.ca
New Park (Spanish chain of FECs) http://www.newpark.es
Ohio Coin Machine Assn. - OCMA (trade group for Ohio operators) http://www.the-ocma.org
Open Arcade Architecture Forum (Intel) (information regarding OAAF members) http://www.openarcade.com
P&B&J Industries (board-ready and empty game cabinets) http://www.pbandjindustries.com
P&H Company Ltd. (non-neon, flexible lighting -- chase, varicolor and flat) http://www.flexaliteinc.com
P&L Inflatables (USA), Inc. (inflatable amusement rides, bounces, structures) http://www.800jumping.com
P&L Industries (buy/sell/trade used monitors; game trade-ins; new and used equipment) http://www.pnlvideogames.com
Paper Ticket Experts (specialists in paper tickets for redemption locations) http://www.paperticketexperts.com
Partstar (national parts supplier) http://www.partstar.com
PartyCenterSoftware.com (Party management, online booking, employee management) http://www.PartyCenterSoftware.com
Pasquier Panel Products (custom wood fabrication & cabinets for OEM) http://www.pasquierpanel.com
PlayCard System (debit card system) http://www.playcard.com.ar
PlayPak Systems, Inc. (Macintosh computer-based video game system ) http://www.playpak.net
Playsmart, Inc. (makers of soft modular play units) http://www.playsmart.com
Plush Appeal (plush toys and novelties for cranes and redemption) http://www.plushappeal.com
Pop-A-Shot, Inc. (coin-op skill basketball games) http://www.pop-a-shot.com
Premier Data Software (makers of route management software) http://www.premierdatasoftware.com
Prizes! (crane merchandise, bulk and assortments, sports products, etc.) http://www.prizes1.com
Pro Acoustics USA (ceiling speakers, wall speakers, outdoor cabinet speakers, subwoofers) http://www.proacousticsusa.com
Professional & Amateur Pinball Assn. (game promotion and consultation) http://www.papa.org
Professional Employment (executive search firm specializing in entertainment software staff) http://www.proemploy.com
Quik-Tick (redemption ticket system, dispenser, counter, etc.) http://www.quiktick.com or www.paperticketexperts.com
Rainbow Crane (makers of a full line of crane machines) http://www.rainbowcrane.com
Rare, Inc./Coin-It Companies (software and hardware development; coin-op and consumer game design) http://www.rareware.com
Raw Thrills, Inc. (video game manufacturer) http://www.rawthrills.com
Redemption Plus (toys and other merchandise for redemption) http://www.redemption-plus.com
Rock-Ola Mfg. Corp. (makers of commercial and nostalgic jukeboxes, nostalgic http://www.rhodeislandnovelty.com
Rowe International (coin-operated jukeboxes, wall boxes and wireless remotes; bill acceptors and changers) http://www.roweami.com
S & B Candy & Toy Co. (supplier of candy and toy mixes for crane and redemption games) http://www.candyandtoy.com
STI Entertainment (national distributors for Kodak's StickerPrint machines and related products) http://www.stivending.com
Sacoa Entertainment (Sacoa Debit Card Operating System; Argentinian distributors; consultants) http://www.sacoa.com
Sally Corp. (makers of dark rides and animated characters/shows) http://www.sallycorp.com
Sammy USA (video games, cranes and redemption equipment) http://www.sammyusa.com
Scan Coin (coin counters and sorters, currency counters, prefab coin wrappers) http://www.scancoin-usa.com
See Coast Mfg. (coin-op and non-coin telescopes and binoculars) http://www.seecoast.com
Sega Enterprises, Inc. (manufacturer of video games) http://www.segaarcade.com
Sega GameWorks (GameWorks locations) http://www.sega.com also http://www.gameworks.com
Sharp Image Electronics (wide range of monitors for the trade) http://www.sharpimage.net
Shelti, Inc. (manufacture of coin-op pool tables, darts and foosball; home tables) http://www.shelti.com
Skee-Ball, Inc. (manufacturer of Skee Ball and other redemption games) http://www.skeeball.com
Sony Electronics (professional audio/video tech site) http://www.sony.com/professional
Southeast Dart Association (dart group for the Southeast region of the U.S.) http://www.topmusicco.com/darts
Star* Tech Journal (technical publication for the amusement industry) http://www.StarTechJournal.com
Stern Pinball, Inc. (manufacturer of Pinball Machines and redemption games) http://www.sternpinball.com
Sureshot Redemption (a diverse selection of quality redemption and party supplies) http://www.folandgroup.com
21st Century Leasing (equipment lease financing) http://www.21stcenturyleasing.com
Tokens Direct (tokens direct from the factory; in-stock and custom orders) http://www.tokensdirect.com
Tommy Gate (lift gates for the trade) http://www.tommygate.com
Touch International, Inc. (manufacturers and distributors of touch monitors and components) http://www.touch-screen-intl.com
Touch Games (Spanish manufacturer of touchscreen video games; website is in espaņol) http://www.touchgames.com
TouchSystems (manufacturers of touchscreen computers, monitors, PCs and kiosks) http://www.touchsystems.com
TouchTunes (makers of the TouchTunes Digital Jukebox) http://www.TouchTunes.com
Trio-Tech (makers of Ballistics lay-down video game with Mad Wave motion) http://www.trio-tech.com
Universal Holdings (consultants specializing in coin-op markets in China) http://www.coinsultant.com
Universal Space (distributors and manufacturers of redemption machines) http://www.universal-space.com
Utopia Technologies (software development, game design, consulting) http://www.utopiatech.com
Valley-Dynamo LP (Pool tables; Tornado brand foosball tables; Hockey tables) http://www.valley-dynamo.com
Vencoa (makers of vending machines for sodas, snacks, candy and fresh and frozen food) http://www.vencoa.com
Vending Yellow Pages (resource for vending operators) http://www.vendingyellowpages.com
Virtual Systems (virtual reality entertainment systems) http://www.virtualsystemsinc.com
Wedges/Ledges (makers of Wedges/Ledges and other redemption machines) http://www.wedgesledges.com